Play Wingman for your single friend or family member

  • Connect with Facebook or phone number (we never  post anything to your FB page)
  • Enter YOUR  phone number (we need this so that your friend/family member will recognise you).
  • You will receive an SMS with a login code
  • Enter code and press continue
  • After your code is verified, select the ‘Looking for a friend’ option
  • Type in the name of your single friend/family member
  • Fill in details including writing your single friend’s bio, remember they will need to approve it so be nice to make them stand out. Here’s some suggestionson what to write.
  • Press Finish: Your invitation will be sent to your friend through an SMS message. They will need to click on the link and download the app. This will allow them to approve the profile you’ve written for them. 
  • You will receive a notification once they have approved it.
  • Answer some multiple-choice questions that describes your single friend and press Next.
  • Swiping left or pressing X will pass on a profile. When you see a profile you like for your friend – swipe right or tap the heart.  
  • The recipient will receive your single friend's profile… you are asking them ‘do you like my friend?’
  • They will have the option to say yes or no.
  • Once a match is made, you and your single friend will receive a notification and it will be up to them to start the conversation.
  • Happy Swiping!

Any issues please do not hesitate to reach out to us:  contact@wingmanapp.com

If you are single and looking for yourself:

  • Connect with Facebook or phone number (we never  post anything to your FB page)
  • Enter YOUR phone number (we need this so that your friend will recognise you).
  • You will receive an SMS with a login code
  • Enter code and press continue
  • After your code is verified, select the ‘Looking for Yourself’ option
  • Invite a friend to be your Wingman (or you can skip this and decide later).
  • Start typing their name and tap ‘allow access to Contacts’, or if you prefer, you can type in your friend’s number in manually.  
  • We will never use their number for any purpose other than your connection.
  • If you’re going solo, tap on ‘I don’t have a wingman yet’ option.
  • Fill in ALL  fields – remember to write at least a couple of sentences in the ‘About you’ section and press FINISH
  • To see profiles in your preferred distance, tap ‘Allow’ when asked to access your location while using the app.
  • To receive notifications when you’ve received a match, press Allow. 
  • You’re good to go!  Swipe right /tap ✔️on a profile you like or swipe left to pass. 
  • You will get the option to introduce yourself or Nudge your Wingman for an introduction.
  • Once a match is made, you and your Wingman (if you have one) will receive a notification and it will be up to you to start the conversation using the chat feature.


To add a Wingman (If you’re single)

Tap on Menu (º) > Wingman Team > Add Wingman > Type your friend’s name > Press continue  


In order to play Wingman for you, your friend will need to click on your invite link and download the app and accept.

How does Wingman work?

We believe friends know you best.  We put the power of the introduction into the hands of a trusted Wingman.  As a trusted ally to the single, the Wingman has the ability to write the profile for their single friend and forward on that profile to as many people as they wish to match them with.   

To use Wingman, you will need to create an account. This is for security reasons and to ensure that your friends and family recognise you, when you send them an invite.

Once signed up, you can use the app in two modes.  

‘Wingman mode’ ensures that the Wingman is working behind the scenes and is not seen. Their primary role, is to swipe and find suitable people to match their single friend with.  A wingman can browse and review all of the singles on the app.  When they find someone they deem appropriate, they will make the introduction.   

When a wingman swipes right – it will automate them sending their single friend's profile to that person, saying ‘do you like my friend’

The person can say yes or no, but we only notify all parties when it’s a yes.  

‘Looking for me’ mode is what a single person will be operating in.  Singles can browse the feed and review all of the profiles.   When they see a profile they are interested in, they can ‘nudge’ their wingman to make the introduction.  The single can also choose to bypass their wingman and introduce themselves.

What does the app do?

We are a matchmaking platform that enables a user to introduce a single friend to someone great.  Without stigma or rejection, we notify parties when a good match is made. We believe friends know you best and can make the best matches. 


What is a Wingman? 

A Wingman is someone who is introducing a single friend or family member to a potential match.


What is a single friend?

A single friend is viewable to other singles and is happy to be introduced to others, by their approved Wingman. 


Can I be a Wingman and a Single at the same time? 

Yes you can. You can sign up as a Wingman or a Single and you can change mode as you move through the app.   To switch modes simply tap on the top bar menu.

To amend your status… Go to Menu > Wingman Team and add a Single friend or add a Wingman.


I’m single but don’t have a Wingman, can I join?

You can sign up as a Single – simply select the option ‘looking for yourself’ during the sign up process.   Wingman works best when a friend or family member writes your testimonial, as it endorses who you are.  A single can browse through profiles and approach potential matches or can nudge their wingman for an introduction.  When a wingman introduces you to other singles, it can start many new conversations.


Do I have to finish my friend's profile before searching for possible matches?

You will need to begin the description, but you can edit it at a later time. Remember your single friend must approve what you have said, so be nice.


How do I edit the ‘Wingman Says?’ of my single friend?



Does my single friend have to approve what I have said about them before it goes public? 

Yes, your friend will have to approve what you have said about them. Until they approve what you have said, they are not visible in the feed unless they sign up as a Single themselves.


How do I make my friend's profile public?

When your single friend approves what you have written, we will put them in the dating feed so they can be found by others.


How do I remove a friend's profile?

You can delete a friend within settings, by swiping left and clicking DELETE on their name under ‘Wingman Team’. 


Can I look for matches for myself?

By default, a Wingman is not visible and cannot be seen or look for matches themselves. In order to look for matches they will need to sign up as a Single.


I’m married/in a relationship – can I use Wingman?

YES because ‘Its not about you’.  As a Wingman, you are promoting your single friend and introducing them to a potential great match. The Wingman is hidden and remains that way – unless you want to become single yourself and be shown. 


How do I select a possible match for my single friend?

Ensure you are in ‘Wingman mode’ for that specific friend. When you find a profile you like for them, simply swipe right or hit the HEART button. That person will receive your single friend's profile and can decide to say YES or NO to the introduction. Your single friend will only be notified if the person says YES. 


Is my information private on Wingman App?

Yes, at Wingman App we are committed to privacy and are proud of our compliance with privacy laws and protecting our users. You can read more about how we use your data and privacy in our privacy policy. 


Why do you need information on me?

We ask you to enter some details so that we can connect you to your friend safely.  We also use the information to verify you are a real person (and not a robot!). 


What if the person I've approached doesn't like my single friend?

They will simply decline the invitation and no-one is notified. We only message you and your single friend when someone likes them and has said YES.


How do people I've approached contact my single friend? 

Once you have made a successful match, they can chat to each other within the app.  


I'm single and see someone I like for myself... how can I make a move?

You can choose to introduce yourself OR if you have added a Wingman, you can nudge them to introduce you instead. 


I have been offended on Wingman App by another user – what can I do?

Our users wellbeing and happiness is very important to us at Wingman App – we have a ‘report’ flag that appears under the profile of every user. Please write in detail the issue you have faced and a member of our team will be in touch to rectify the situation. Alternatively, you can seek support by emailing us directly at: contact@wingmanapp.com


What is the difference between signing in with Facebook or Phone number?

They are essentially the same but Facebook sign up is faster, with less questions. Phone number is a slightly longer process. Both are used to ensure we are a secure platform.


Why are there no matches in my area?

Wingman is a growing community and we appreciate the support of our users, more users = more matches!  So please bear with us as we grow and spread the word – if you find you are constantly running out of matches for your single friend, try increasing the distance settings slightly or adding another single friend in a different city. 


Is Wingman App LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes. We pride ourselves on being inclusive of all communities.   


I’ve passed on matches before but I keep seeing them? Why? 

As our community grows you will see less of the same people. Try increasing your distance settings to see new users.


Why can’t I, as the Wingman, talk to the potential match?

This is something we are working on – if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please always get in touch at  contact@wingmanapp.com


My friend likes girls? But I’m seeing guys? Or vice versa, Why?

This is usually because of a settings issue and can be easily rectified.

1. Check that your friend has accepted the profile you have created for them. Gender preferences do not work until your single friend has accepted.

2. Get your friend to check their settings to ensure they are set correctly. They will need to do this on their own profile and can be done by going to: MENU > MY PROFILE > EDIT > INTERESTED IN > (Change to Men / Women / Both).

3. If you are still not seeing the correct gender please contact us at contact@wingmanapp.com


I swiped too quick and passed on a profile by accident? Can I go back?

Yes – just shake your phone to go back. It will bring the last profile back to view again.


I want to delete my profile – how do I do this?

We are sad to see you leave! But, you can do this easily by going to: MENU > HELP > DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. Please note – you cannot undo this once it’s been done.


Is Wingman App GDPR Compliant?

Yes, you can review our privacy policy here.


I’m still having issues setting up a profile on Wingman® App / it’s broken.

Contact us anytime on our Facebook page through messenger. Or email us at contact@wingmanapp.com