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How is Wingman different from other dating apps?
With other dating apps, you need to write your profile and find potential matches for yourself—it’s all on you. But with Wingman, your friends can help you out. They write testimonials for you and find potential matches on your behalf. Also, it works both ways. If you have a friend that could benefit from your matchmaking skills, you can write them a testimonial and find potential matches for them. We think this is great because it takes the pressure off you and makes dating more fun by getting your friends involved. And the results speak for themselves. Our users are 81% more likely to get a successful match when they have a friend helping them out.
Do I need to be single to use Wingman?
No. There are two ways to use our app: as a single or as a wingman. As a single, you’re looking for a match for yourself, and your friends can help you do that. As a wingman, you’re helping one or more of your friends find matches for themselves.
Can I look for myself AND be a friend's wingman at the same time?
Sure you can! If you go to Wingman Team in the app’s menu, you can invite both wingmen and single friends onto your team. You can have multiple wingmen on your team, and you can play wingman for multiple friends. The more the merrier.
I’m single, but I don’t have a wingman. Can I join?
Yes! However, you’ll only be able to browse the feed and won’t be able to introduce yourself to potential matches without inviting a friend to be your wingman. Wingman App works best when a friend or family member writes your testimonial, as it endorses who you are.
How do I edit the testimonial I wrote for my single friend?
Go to Menu > Wingman Team > tap on your friend’s name > tap on Wingman Says > tap on the pencil edit icon.
How do I remove a friend from my team?
Go to Menu > Wingman Team > swipe left on your friend’s name > select REMOVE.
Can I look for matches for myself?
Yes; when on your home screen in the app, tap on the “looking for” thumbnail in the top bar and select “looking for me.”
Why am I seeing people thousands of miles away?
Wingman is a growing community, so if you’re seeing people who are outside of your preferred age or distance range, it’s because we’ve run out of users in your area to show you. Try increasing your distance or age preferences in Settings.
How do I select a possible match for my single friend?
First, ensure that you’re in wingman mode for that specific friend (check the “looking for” thumbnail in the top bar). When you find a good match for them, swipe right or tap the heart icon. That person will receive your friend’s profile, and they can say YES or NO to the introduction.
What happens if the match I suggest is successful?
Your friend and their match will automatically be put into a chat with each other. You can join the chat to help them break the ice, or just leave them to it.
What happens if the match I suggest doesn't like my single friend?
They will decline the invitation, but your friend won’t know this has happened. We only message you and your friend when someone likes them and has said YES to an introduction.
I'm single and see someone I like for myself... How can I make a move?
If you’re in “looking for me” mode, swipe right on their profile (or tap the tick icon), and you can then introduce yourself or ask your wingman to introduce you.
I swiped too fast and passed on a profile by accident—can I go back?
Yes. Just shake your phone to go back to the previous profile.
My friend likes girls, but I’m seeing guys (or vice versa). Why?
This is usually caused by one of two issues that are easy to fix. Follow the steps below:
Is my information private on Wingman App?
Yes, we are committed to protecting our users’ privacy. For more on this, see our privacy policy.
How do you use my personal information?
We use your personal information to set up your account, connect you with your friends, and verify that you’re a real person.
Another Wingman user is being offensive/abusive. What can I do?
We want everyone in Wingman App to be treated with respect. If a user is being offensive or abusive, or you think that their profile might be fake, tap on the “report” flag that appears under their profile and detail the issue. We’ll be in touch to rectify the situation. Alternatively, you can seek support by emailing us directly at
How do I delete my profile?
This makes us sad, but if you really want to leave Wingman, you can do it by going to Menu > Help > Delete your account (in small print right at the bottom). Please note that you can’t undo this action.
How do I ask a question before deciding whether to introduce myself/my friend?
Simply tap into a profile and if you see a blue chat bubble saying “Ask a question”, you can tap on it and send them a question. You will be able to see responses and questions you’ve asked under your Chat list.
I’ve sent a question to a potential match and am ready to introduce myself/my friend. What happens next?
Once you’re happy to move forward with an introduction, you can tap the Introduce button in the chat. The potential match will receive the profile and can accept the match or decline. If they accept, you will get a notification and be put into a chat. If they decline, you won’t get any notifications, save the rejection!
I’m still having problems with the app, and I can’t find the answer to my question. What should I do?
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©2024 Wingman. All Rights Reserved.